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Chinese dinosaurs

Hello all,

Jerry Harris wrote:
"I just received a copy of the book:

Zhou, S. 2005. The Dinosaur Egg Fossils in Nanyang, China. China University 
of Geosciences Press, Wuhan, 145 pp.

...and among all the eggs, it mentions (and pictures) mounts of two 
dinosaurs whose names are unfamiliar:  _Bakesaurus_ (no species name given; 
appears to be an iguanodontian, probably a hadrosaur; other bones referred 
to as "hadrosaurid" are figured in the book) and _Yunxiansaurus
hubei_, a 
sauropod.  Both from the Majiacun Group, Lijiangou, Xichuan Basin.  The book 
also discusses _Nanyangosaurus_ a bit; all the stuff in the book appears to 
be Late Cretaceous.  _Tyrannosaurus luanchuanensis_ also gets mentioned 
occasionally. Except for the preface, table of contents, and some figure 
captions, the text is entirely in Chinese, so I have not been able to ferret 
out references for _Bakesaurus_ or _Yunxiansaurus_ in the book, and Google 
turns up nothing, either."

If one goes to http://www.cug.edu.cn/en04/info/list.asp?id=422, there is a 
picture of several mounted dinosaur skeletons. Has anyone on the list been to 
CUG? If so, might some of these match the mysterious names given in the book? 
Also, the website mentions a 'Manchousaurus'. This too is unfamiliar to me. 
Andrew McDonald