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Re: DINOSAUR digest 3483

> Disagree with the first rule: "It is people, stupid".
> For me, the best ever science documentary is "Walking
> with dinosaurs" where no human appears at all.

While I certainly liked it, in my opinion the best ever science
documentary series was Carl Sagan's "Cosmos". Rent/buy the DVDs. Some of
it is dated, yes, but it gives one of the most comprehensive views of
science so far.

> And BBC is just best. The rest is crawling in dust and
> trying to develop bipediality.
> Don't know under what name BBC programmes appear in
> U.S., though.

It depends. Some come over pretty much unchanged in name (Walking with
Dinosaurs, Secrets of the Dead, etc.). Individual episodes of Horizon
might come over in the American series NOVA or Nature, or as "stand alone"
documentaries on cable science networks like The Discovery Channel, Animal
Planet, The Science Channel, etc.

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