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re: tiny theropod on a tree trunk question

Jaime and Patrick have, unfortunately, put the cart before the horse.
Step back a few million generations.

Once the carpals bend (rotate), then you have the basis for a wing, not
before, hence the question. Case in point: Colugo.

David Peters
St. Louis

Jaime Headden wrote:

In regards to the squeeze he wrote about, the extant mammalian "sacrum"
not homologous to the ancestral amniote sacrum. As for frogs, they
posses a single sacral vertebra and the identity of this vertebra is
even in juveniles and fossils. The fused element of the urostyle is a
case of
fusion of proximal caudals, as is apparent when observing the ontogeny
Urodela, to the sacral to anchor the hip muscles, not the presence of a
sacrum itself (hence the term urostyle, from _uro_ "caudal" + _style_


Try [functional] analog, Jaime. Not homolog.