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RE: Richard Fortey

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> Brian Lauret
> Dear all,
> since this morning i've been wondering if I should buy Richard Fortey's
> 'Life : A Natural History of the First Four Billion Years of Life on Earth'.
> I don't remember anyone mentioning it onlist so perhaps,it might not be a
> very great book. It gets an average of 4 out of 5 stars at Amazon.com but
> perhaps listmembers would not agree.

I used to assign it for my Earth, Life & Time students as a good overview of 
the history of life, but eventually found that (sadly)
too many American college freshmen weren't ready for his allusory style. I felt 
some of it was great (his description of Dolf
Seilacher, for instance, was spot on in my opinion!); however, the dinosaur 
chapter was probably (from my parochial point of view)
the weakest. (From a paleo-social issue, his characterization of dinosaur 
workers is really more a characterization of AMNH workers;
the two sets are not the same :-).

I highly recommend his _Trilobites: Eyewitnesses of Evolution_ (you'll learn a 
lot, and you'll see that he loves his little
scuttlers just as much any of us love our big lugs). I read _Earth: An Intimate 
History_ just this winter: good stuff (and I greatly
expanded my knowledge), but I wonder how much someone who wasn't familiar with 
geology already (and not just paleo/sed/strat) will
get out of it. (If someone out there fitting that category has done so, let us 

Hope this helps,

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