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Czech dino

Students find rare dinosaur's bone near Kutna Hora 
18:22 - 20.02.2006

PRAGUE- Students from Charles University who were collecting fossilised
shells in the Kutna Hora area, east Bohemia, have found another
dinosaur's bone on the same place where a thighbone of a dinosaur of the
same species was found two years ago, expert Martin Mazur told

The extraordinary find has helped fill a 30-million year gap during
which no dinosaurs were living in Europe, judging by finds. There were
finds of dinosaur's bones from an older period in Belgium, England,
France and Spain and from an earlier period in Romania. 

Mazur said that the discovered dinosaur was probably from the
Iguanodontidae species. The animal was 3.5-metre long and about
1.5-meter tall. Its small size was probably determined by limited food
resources. Some 95 million years ago when the dinosaur lived there was a
shallow chalk sea on the place of the find.

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