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RE: Wyoming Archaeopteryx Becoming An Albatross

> Noting no one has seen any documents on the agreement, Padian 
> said as long as the fossil is privately owned, there's the 
> possibility it could be taken away from scientific study by 
> the owner or the owner's heirs.
> "That means no one can check previously published statements 
> about it," he said. "So the science of the specimen becomes 
> questionable."

This brings up something I've wondered for many years about "Sue" in the
Field Museum.  Did McDonalds and Disney sign over ownership to the Field
Museum entirely?  I'd be interested to know what legislation exists to stop,
say, Disney from deciding it wants to put Sue in Disneyland - I'm assuming
there is some kind of agreement or there would have been a similar fuss
surrounding Sue?


Julia Heathcote