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RE: New name for Nemegtia barsboldi

Jaime Headden wrote:

Lü J.-c., Tomida Y., Azuma Y., Dong Z.-g. & Lee, Y.-N. 2005. *Nemegtomaia*
gen. nov., a replacement name for the oviraptorosaurian dinosaur *Nemegtia* Lü et
al., 2004, a preoccupied name. _Bulletin of the National Science Museum,
Tokyo, Series C_ 31:51.

My guess is that the "maia" portion of the name _Nemegtomaia_ has the same derivation as the "maia" in _Maiasaura_, meaning "good mother" or "nurse" in ancient Greek. In that sense, it probably alludes to the evidence for brooding and parental care in oviraptorosaurs. Again, just a guess. (Can anyone confirm?)

Incidentally, the senior homonym that necessitated the name-change is _Nemegtia_ Szczechura 1978 (a prehistoric ostracod, as mentioned by Jaime).