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Re: help with DinoGeorge references

Jeremy Montague wrote:

"Hironosaurus" Hisa 1988
"Godzillasurus"  Ikejiri 2003
"Amphicoelicaudia" Cheng et al 1994

I can't find any references that match - does any one the full citations for:

Hisa  1988
Ikejiri 2003
Cheng at al 1994

I know this won't help (I don't know the references either), but the three names you mention are all "nomina nuda". In other words, they are not valid names, but the nomenclatural equivalents of nicknames. Until a dinosaur is officially named, these nomina nuda have the potential to be mistaken for real names (and can sometimes cause problems for this reason).

BTW, I think the dinosaur nicknamed "Amphicoelicaudia" went on to be officially named _Huabeisaurus_. It's a sauropod.

DinoGeorge's website is http://members.aol.com/Dinogeorge, so you can contact the man himself through here.