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Re: Cretaceous, yes -- Netherlands, yes -- marsupial, unlikely

IINM, Herpetotheriidae means something like reptilian mammals?

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From: "David Marjanovic" <david.marjanovic@gmx.at>
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Sent: Monday, January 02, 2006 12:12 PM
Subject: Re: Cretaceous, yes -- Netherlands, yes -- marsupial, unlikely

> > Thank you for using "Archive",
> For many purposes it is the Best On The Web -- in spite of its
> given the size of the project!!!) typos and misunderstandings.
> > take the trees persented with a grain of salt... :)
> Sure.
> > So [...] I should place this critter as a "Ameridelphia incertae sedis"?
> Martin et al. put *Maastrichtidelphys* into Herpetotheriidae, and because
> wouldn't know a herpetotheriid if it bit me, I can't say anything against
> this. The question is where to put Herpetotheriidae. To the best of my
> limited knowledge the two cladograms by Martin et al. are the first that
> have ever included any herpetotheriid.
> Ameridelphia has not been thought to be a clade for a long time. For the
> time being the best guess might be:
> Metatheria
>   |--*Sinodelphys*
>   `--+--Deltatheroida
>      |--*Marsasia*
>      |--*Asiatherium*
>      `--+--Peradectidae
>         |--Stagodontidae
>         |--"Pediomyidae"
>         |--Herpetotheriidae
>         `--Notometatheria
>              |==*Pucadelphys* etc.
>              `--+--Sparassodonta
>                 `--Marsupialia sensu strictissimo
> However, there is no single paper that I could cite as a source for this.
> (The description of *Sinodelphys* certainly helps, but it lacks many
> interesting taxa...) There is an SVP meeting abstract that says
> is paraphyletic, but hardly any details are given...