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Re: DINOSAUR digest 3436

Michael Habib wrote:  ..SNIP.."What are the top five
suggestions that you would make to a special 
effects studio regarding the recreation of dinosaurs
for film?

Have at it, and Happy New Year to all,

--Mike H."

Well, I'd tell them to watch 

1.  Jurassic Park (the original - to get an excellent
view of how a 6-ton theropod might look like moving
around - TRex)

2.  Walking with Dinosaurs (and especially the
documentary on 'The Making of WWD').

Critters gotta look like they actually weigh 5, 6, 8,
40 tons, which means the movement will be slow,
deliberate, with the effect of gravity on the
muscles/bodies visible as their weight shifts around as
they move.

No 'Matrix Moments' a la "Kong 2005".

P.S.  I would HIGHLY recommend the new (metal box) set
of the restored original King Kong - which has Son of
Kong and Mighty Joe Young DVDs as bonuses, plus 3+
hours of detailed documentaries on all the
personalities of the original filmmakers, technical
stuff, and excellent commentary throughout by Ray
Harryhausen, among others.  You can actually also watch
the entire "Kong" film while listening to Harryhausen
discuss each scene - excellent feature.

Plus, you get the restored 'Spider Pit' sequence which
Jackson/Weta did out of love for the original.  The
documentary on how they did this is equally fascinating.

No, they did not put it in the original film - its a
bonus feature on the second DVD.  At about $37 bucks
this is one of the best deals you stop-motion/Kong 1933
philes will ever find.

Plus you get 10 frameable original Kong movie color
postcards;  and a 27" x 40" original color reproduction
of the Kong 1933 poster (you've only got a limited
period of time to send away for it, however).

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