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Re: DinoMorph Strikes Back!... or does it?

> Not so with poor sauropods, by the way.   Their
> death pose exceeds 
> articulation, and thus probably exceeds what they
> could  comfortably achieve in life.  
> Sorry, but the juvenile _Camarasaurus_ CM  11338 is
> probably preserved in a 
> death pose, unless you believe that they could  go
> around with their necks all 
> out of articulation.

Surely (based on the CM juve) if Camarasaurus held
it's neck upright, you could equally argue that it
should be reconstructed with its tail upright too,
looking like a set of football posts.


And the tail was even more constricted in the original
find, than in the 'corrected' posture (why do this
anyway?). Where's the debate? These are clearly
post-mortem features.


(US football btw)

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