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Re: Fossil smugglers could face death penalty in China

There's more detailed information on the case  at:
 "CHP Cracks Smuggling Case (2 December 2005)"

"Last month, a middle level court in Jin Hua City, Zhejiang Province,  began 
to pass sentence in the case of the Canadian Zhu Chunlin, and the Chinese  Zhu 
Xiaogang, Yu Yanjun, Yu Lichun, Chen Zhigen, and Cao Guangjun, who are  
accused of smuggling and reselling at a profit 2925 fossil  pieces."

"This gang was formed is 2003. In April and October of  that year, Zhu 
Chunlin and Zhu Xiaogang purchased from Yu Yanjun and Yu Lichun  fossils that 
had illegally collected, and in December of that year  concealed them for 
smuggling to America in a container packed with carved tree  stumps and exotic 
eroded stones."