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Re: Giganotosaurus with an all-star cast

Dear Mary and List,

    The golden words in this article are " verbal contract ". This phrase is
synonymous with any word meaning so useless you can't use it for toilet

Get everything in writing, signed with blood Cliff
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Subject: Giganotosaurus with an all-star cast

"Bone to pick over fossil
Dinosaur promoter challenges Scitech's  Argentine Exhibit"
The Beacon News
By Allecia Vermillion

"AURORA â A much-anticipated dinosaur exhibit might bring a lawsuit to town
along with a collection of fossil replicas."


"The skeleton is the only known remnant of the species, he said, except for
a jaw fragment found elsewhere."

I thought that at least a couple more (and larger)  _Giganotosaurus_
specimens had been found and are awaiting "the  papers."