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Giganotosaurus - with an all-star cast...

Cliff Green wrote:

"Both Bob Walters and Phil Currie have personally told
me that the  giganontosaur bone bed represents an older
formation. The rumor I heard is that it will be given a
new name based on or around the local indian  dialect. 
Been bugging Phil for years on this one Cliff"

Gee, I hope we all LIVE long enough to read about all
of these new dino-discoveries...I remember reading
about the "new, larger Giganotosaurus" group find in a
newspaper...in August 2000 (!!!!!!!!!!!!)

In a similar vein, Dr. Thomas Holtz told me recently
that he had reviewed an 8-foot Spinosaur skull for a
paper (and had seen a photo of an equally large second
Spino skull - both apparently in private hands), but
that he can't talk about it or show photos of it til
the paper comes out.  The rumor about THAT fossil was
around since before the above find...

...do you think just maybe all of these Paleontologists
got a Minor in Sadism? (*SMIRK*) 

...maybe in time for Jurassic park XXIII...

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