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FW: Mysterious giant sauropod and weight limit

Not just their size as individuals, but their size in context amazes me. I
still haven't seen a good explanation of how ecosystems managed to support
such large animals, even if they were proportionately fewer in number than
modern (Pleistocene?) megafauna.

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Subject: Mysterious giant sauropod and weight limit

Good day to all list members,
I've been lately perusing through the archives and one interesting note took
my attention. Here's the URL:
"...an unnamed sauropod foungd in Argentina about 2 years ago that estimates
put at over 160ft. in lenght..." (and is even larger than Argentinosaurus).
I suppose this is not based on a serious reference. Or is it?

I'd also like to ask, if there was recently any new study on the weight
limit in sauropods. The values in various resources differ in the range of
about 50 tons (100 - 150 t.) with the most frequent value of around 120 -
140 tons. I know this was discussed many times over, but still...after all,
isn't size the most amazing thing about sauropod dinosaurs? thanks, Vlad