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Re: sauropod lung collapse

On Tue, 10 Jan 2006, Phil Bigelow wrote:

One last question:  Do penguin lungs collapse during dives?  What role
does their air sacs play during diving?

October 22nd issue of Science News had an interesting article on penguins and it had a little on that.

Plenty of mysteries remain about penguins' diving prowess. Ponganis, his Scripps colleague Torrence Knower Stockard, and an international team found that when diving, penguins nearly deplete the oxygen in the special avian air sacs attached to their lungs. The team measured oxygen remaining in the air sacs during the last 15 seconds of an emperor penguin's dive.

For 42 percent of about 70 dives made by four test birds, air-sac oxygen dropped below 20 millimeters of mercury (mmHg), the researchers report in the Aug. 1 Journal of Experimental Biology. Should a person's lung-oxygen supply drop below 25 mmHg, "we're passing out," says Ponganis. ...

There's a set of references at the end of the article.