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Re: Giganotosaurus - with an all-star cast...

bucketfoot-al@justice.com wrote:
> ...do you think just maybe all of these Paleontologists
> got a Minor in Sadism? (*SMIRK*)
> ...maybe in time for Jurassic park XXIII...

Some Australian fossil species took a lot longer to be described.
Muttaburrasaurus was discovered in 1963, but not officially described
until 1981. The first Minmi was found in 1964, then described in 1980.

They worked a lot faster in the old(er) days. Longman only took two
years from discovery to description for Rhoetosaurus (1924 to 1926), and
only about one year for Austrosaurus (1932 to 1933). These days,
palaeontologists seem to prefer to be accurate and methodical - they
just don't seem to appreciate the simple joys of using liberal amounts
of dynamite to excavate a Kronosaur...


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