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RE: Diceratops

Is the journal _Gaia_ (which _Rebbachisaurus_ was apparently
originally in) covered by Zoological Record? I don't know if
Nomenclator Zoologicus can be relied on for names that aren't indexed
in the record, as that was probably the main source. It also only
contains names up to the end of 2004. The website apparently
transcribed all the entries in the original printed version of nine
volumes which covered from 1758 to 1994, then later added an
electronic-only 'volume 10' which covered 1994 to 2004. There's no
mention of whether the process is continuing to compile further
'volumes' (I certainly hope so), nor can I find a contact e-mail to
notify omissions.
    On a similar note, the latest edition of _Bulletin of Zoological
Nomenclature_ contains a proposal for making registration a
compulsory part of publication under the ICZN that includes the best
provisions I've seen to date for making such a process an actual
workable system, and not merely a 'great on paper' (i.e. but not so
great in pratical application) idea, which has been my main concern
about previous such suggestions. Basically, the author (or
journal/book publisher, interested party, etc.) has two years after
publication in which to register the name, which then dates for
priority purposes from time of initial publication. Names which are
registered after the two year deadline date from time of
registration, unless it can be demonstrated that registration before
the deadline was prevented by outside influences (such as
difficulties in mail, passing away of author, etc.) Names published
prior to 2008 (or whenever the proposal is introduced) all still
retain priority and validity from date of initial publication, though
it is hoped that the register will expand to record all earlier
names. The full text of the proposal can be accessed at
http://www.iczn.org/BZNDec2005general%20articles.htm (if that link
doesn't work, go to www.iczn.org and click the 'General Articles'
link for the 16 December 2005 Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature).
You'll have to scroll down - the article is preceeded by two truly
dire proposals relating to extending the ICZN to cover suprafamilial
taxonomy. The first of these would mandate standardised endings and
typified names - as an arachnologist myself, the sight of Ricinulei
and Palpigradi converted to 'Poliocheriformes' and
'Eukoeneniiformes', respectively, had me reeling with horror (though
Cheliceromorpha being converted to 'Scorpionozoi' was, perhaps, even
worse). This proposal would, I suspect, convert Vertebrata to
'Hominozoi' - Eep!


        Christopher Taylor

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Subject: RE: Diceratops
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>Quoting Christopher Taylor <gerarus@westnet.com.au>:
>>    Nomenclator Zoologicus
>> confirms the homonymy, and indicates said homonymy as unresolved
>> I was directed to this website about a week ago, and it's a
>> resource.
>Very cool.  I tried a few dino names, and _Rebbachisaurus_, oddly 
>enough, isn't in there...
>Nick Pharris
>Department of Linguistics
>University of Michigan