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RE: Diceratops

  Using Chris' helpful link, I also found that Rafinesque named a *Ceratops* as
a nomen nudum in 1815, before Marsh's name *Ceratops montanus*. But of course,
nomina nuda do not compete for priority.  Lull apparently recognized this and
renamed it *Proceratops montanus*, but this is also a nomen nudum?

  Bohlin's *Microceratops* is preoccupied by Seyrig's hymenopteran of same name
by 1 year.

  *Mei* isn't in the database, but there is a *Meia*....

  Von Huene's *Leptopterygius* is preoccupied by a fish named by Troschel in
1860. Other variations on _pteryx_ only turn up the name *Podopteryx*, renamed
*Sharovipteryx* because of a dragonfly named by Selys, though apparently
Sauvage tried it for a fish 9 years later; and *Titanopteryx*, for which the
dipteran reigns supreme, but *Arambourgia* was erected. However, it turns out
THAT name has a homonym, a nomen nudum erected by Whitley 4 years earlier than
Kälin's replacement name. Thank the ICZN for dismissing nomina nuda as "real".

  Searching for words with "gnathus" in them shows us that Smith in 1931 named
a fish *Scaphognathus*, and because of von Wagner's reptile, we enjoy oursleves
a flying prow-jawed pterosaur.

  It's a pity that this is a zoological database, for the cross-reference of
*Galtonia* [the dinosaur tooth-taxon] with *Galtonia* [the lily].


Jaime A. Headden

"Innocent, unbiased observation is a myth." --- P.B. Medawar (1969)

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