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Wikipedia dinosaur articles and a question or two.


Since there seems to be a latent interest in what goes on at Wikipedia
I present my work for revisions, comments and whatnot:


I'm writing a small work of paleontological fiction (if anyone's
interested in reading the draft, contact me offlist) and I have a
question on how would a brachiosaurid like Sauroposeidon drink. I
wouldn't think it would do it like most birds though the ostriche's
technique is an option. I simply took the lead from Columbiformes and
stated that the animal drank through its nostrils, clamping the tongue
against the back of the bucal cavity and using the mandible as a lever
of sorts. This biological contraption working as a pump to avoid
repeated ducking and heaving of necks and heads.
Any thoughts?

Renato Santos

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