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RE: Diceratops

Jaime Headden wrote:

Using Chris' helpful link, I also found that Rafinesque named a *Ceratops* as
a nomen nudum in 1815, before Marsh's name *Ceratops montanus*. But of course,
nomina nuda do not compete for priority. Lull apparently recognized this and
renamed it *Proceratops montanus*, but this is also a nomen nudum?

I didn't understand this either. Lull would have renamed _Ceratops_ Marsh 1888 because he believed (incorrectly, as it turns out) that _Ceratops_ Rafinesque 1815 was a valid genus. _Ceratops montanus_ is nomenclaturally valid, so _Proceratops_ Lull 1906 (proposed as a replacement name for _Ceratops_ Marsh 1888) should be valid too.

Something else that's weird... There is no mention of _Cryptosaurus_ Seeley 1869. This dinosaur genus was re-named _Cryptodraco_ by Lydekker twenty years later, under the belief that the original name was preoccupied. _Cryptosaurus_ is given in Nomenclator Zoologicus as a valid genus: _Cryptosaurus_ [Anonymous] 1833. But I was under the impression that the latter name was (a) named by Geoffrey; and (b) was a misspelling of _Cystosaurus_ Geoffroy 1833. So, _Cryptosaurus_ Seeley should be OK.

Christopher Taylor wrote:

You'll have
to scroll down - the same issue includes two truly dire proposals for
extending the ICZN to cover suprafamilial taxa. The first of these would
even require typified names at all ranks with standardised endings. As
an arachnologist myself, I'm still reeling with horror from seeing
Ricinulei renamed 'Poliocheriformes', Palpigradi as 'Eukoeneniiformes'
and Cheliceromorpha as 'Scorpionozoi'.

Double eep! Sounds like a perfectly horrid idea. It's bad enough that co-ordinated family-level taxa have ICZN strings attached... but everything! I would have gone the other way, and limit the scope of the ICZN to just genera and species (and subspecies).

This system would probably make Vertebrata into 'Hominozoi'... eep!

I shudder to think what Metazoa would be called. Or Eukaryota. :-O