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RE: Diceratops

Not a nomen nudum (assuming the name was defined correctly, which in
this case would only require specifying that it was a replacement name
for _Ceratops_ Marsh), but it would be an unnecessary emendation.
According to Article 33.2.3 unjustified emendations do count as
available names, and do compete for priority. _Proceratops_ would
therefore be preoccupied for any genus named after _Proceratops_ Lull.
The names _Eucentrosaurus_ (for _Centrosaurus_) and _Kentrurosaurus_ and
_Doryphorosaurus_ (for _Kentrosaurus_) come under the same ruling.
Incidentally, _Doryphorosaurus_ is listed by Nomenclator Zoologicus but
_Kentrurosaurus_ isn't.



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  Using Chris' helpful link, I also found that Rafinesque named a
*Ceratops* as
a nomen nudum in 1815, before Marsh's name *Ceratops montanus*. But of
nomina nuda do not compete for priority.  Lull apparently recognized
this and
renamed it *Proceratops montanus*, but this is also a nomen nudum? 

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