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Eoazhdarcho/Bakonydraco nesting

Hurray for cladistic analysis!

I would not have guessed this.

Interesting case: Eoazhdarcho nests as the sister taxon to Eopteraodon
and both nest at the base of Nyctosaurus + Pteranodon. Move Eoazhdarcho
to the base of the azhdarchids and you add a minimum of 12 steps - more
if you go higher.

Looks like a new family of stork-like pterosaurs, this time with a
wedge-shaped mandible in ventral view. And I would not doubt that
Bakonydraco nests right in there with them.

Question is: where does Azhadarcho fit in? And is this going to be a
nomenclature nightmare?The divergence angle of the rami in that little
scrap of Azhdarcho matches Eopteranodon and company rather than
Zhejiangopterus and company.

Grist for the mill.

If anyone has different results, let's compare offline.

David Peters
St. Louis