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Re: What would Hitchcock have thought...?

On Sun, Jan 15, 2006 at 08:56:11AM -0800, Adrienne Mayor scripsit:
> Ok, good point. But if not teratorns, which other Ice Age birds of
> prey would be capable of picking up a small child (either in talons
> or beak)? Or should we reject the new interpretation of the evidence
> in South Africa, reported in Am J of Phys Anthropology, that large
> birds apparentlypreyed on human ancestors?

It's not very _good_ evidence of predation, though; it's based on the
breakage of the thin bone at the back of the orbit being similar to
that which occurs in known cases of predation by large raptorial birds,
and there's only the one data point for hominids.

The evidence we've got in no way rules out scavenging, taphonomic
accident, or a fellow hominid with a pointy stick.

Nor should we forget that various ancestors had the ability to tell
stories about things that were just plain made up; there are stories of
people being carried off by eagles and various flying tetrapods from
all over the world.