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Re: Even more last papers for 2005

On 1/14/06, Tim Williams <twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Mickey Mortimer wrote:
> >What's more disturbing is that Senter defines Ornithosuchia in a way which
> >probably excludes Ornithosuchus, which has been noted as a flaw in this
> >definition for several years.
> Yes, this is the other major problem.  For Ornithosuchia, Senter has
> effectively followed Gauthier (who probably intended for _Ornithosuchus_ to
> be included in Ornithosuchia, but did not frame a definition to guarantee
> its inclusion).

Even Gauthier abandoned this name, renaming the clade _Panaves_
(Gauthier and de Queiroz, 2001). And Sereno notes online
that Benton (1999) had already named this clade _Avemetatarsalia_.

Jon Wagner proposed on the PhyloCode Mailing List that Gauthier et
al.'s "Pan-" naming convention for total clades (=panstem clades) be
used not for clade names but as a sort of notational prefix. Under
this convention, "_Avemetarsalia_" and something like "pan-_Aves_"
would be equivalent expressions (essentially "heterodefinitional
synonyms"), both available for use.
Mike Keesey
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