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Re: What would Hitchcock have thought...?

On a related note, I seem to recall reading a paper several years ago in which the skulls of hominoid infants were found (with talon punctures) amongst the remains of monkeys, hares, etc. thought to have accumulated via eagle feeding (ie. below a nest). Anyone happen to remember which paper I'm thinking of?>

Steyn (1983) reported a human cranium in a crowned hawk-eagle nest. As far as I know, Berger and Clarke (1995) first associated the remains of the type infant skull of _Australopithecus africanus_ with predation by eagles. Sanders, Trapani and Mitani (2003) report that their work is consistent with this conclusion, and also report the presence of 8 taxa of primates among the prey assembleges of crowned hawk-eagles in Uganda. Prey included the hominoid _Pan troglodytes_.



--Mike Habib