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Re: What would Hitchcock have thought...?

In a message dated 1/15/2006 2:35:11 PM Eastern Standard Time,  
mhabib5@jhmi.edu writes:

<< Also, golden eagles are good test case, but other (larger)  species 
should also be considered.  In the NW portion of North America,  for 
example, sea eagles would be a good candidate.  I suspect that a  sea 
eagle could grab and carry an infant (and kill and consume a young  
child on the ground). >>

Rather doubtful. The Bald Eagle is the only sea  eagle native to NW North 
America and it is similar in size to the Golden Eagle.  Occasionally a 
Sea Eagle will stray into Alaskan waters from NE Asia.  Steller's are the 
largest sea eagles, attaining weights of nearly 20 lbs. If you  plug that 
into the carrying capacity equation, 4 lbs would be close to  the max the bird 
could lift. 
Dingoes on the other  hand...