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Re: DINOSAUR digest 3449

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>   3) RE: What would Hitchcock have thought...?

There is at least one actual record when remains of
African child were recovered from a nest of African
Crowned Eagle. This species regularily preys on
cercopithecine monkeys.

However, very numerous other stories from all regions
of the world about large birds carrying off children
or adult people are all made up. Such stories appear
in media every year or two and are dispelled by bird
conservationists. In particular, Golden Eagle (Aquila
chrysaetos) which is the big eagle in Eurasia and
North America cannot lift a child. In exceptional
cases, it may lift a fox if it is short distance, only
downhill and in favorable wind.

I admire legends of Native Americans. However,
thunderbird is fictional creature. Anthropologists
warn against taking a complex myth, picking few
aspects of it and presenting them on their own as
likeness of real event or animal. The problem is
twofold: why prefer the part realistic to modern
science (huge flying bird) to the far bigger part
which is fantastic (bird makes thunderstorm etc.)? And
why similar stories exist in regions with no possible

Jerzy Dyczkowski

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