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Re: The (long) future of paleontology

Ken.Carpenter@dmns.org wrote:
> Dann may choose to keep his hands clean and unblooded, but the rest of
> us like the dirt under the nails, the challenge of excavation and the
> bumps and bruises that accompany that work.

I'm sure dedicated horse people resisted the 'new fangled automobile' as
well. :)

Seriously though, how will traditional palaeontologists compete with the
more cost- and time-effective methods of the future? Just because people
like doing something a certain way doesn't mean they will have the
luxury (or in this case, lack of luxury) of being able to do so. 

Palaeontology is becoming increasingly commercial-oriented (like it or
not), and short of commiting the ultimate horror of selling fossils to
the highest bidder, it has to be cost effective and preferably be able
to make (or save) someone some money (exhibitions, advertising, etc).

I'm not saying I like it that way, but it seems to be what's


Dann Pigdon
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