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forward of a PS society email to me

I thought this might be of interest to somebody on the DML.
Frank (Rooster) Bliss
MS Biostratigraphy
Weston, Wyoming

To: Students engaged in research (and their advisors) Re: Grants for research and support of travel

Paleontological Society research grants

The Paleontological Society invites applications from student members and members with postdoctoral research appointments for a limited number of $500 Stephen J.Gould Grants in support of research on any aspect of paleontology. The deadline for applications for this year is February 28th, 2006. For detailed instructions and an application form (electronic), please go to this page on the Society's website: http://www.paleosoc.org/grantin.html

To be eligible for these grants, applicants must be members of the Society.

U.S. National Science Foundation funds for travel to Beijing

NSF has agreed to fund a limited number of $1000 travel grants for U.S. students who plan to participate in the Second International Palaeontological Congress, June 17-21, 2006, in Beijing, China. Full details of plans for this forthcoming event can be found at the conference website, http://www.ipc2006.ac.cn/index.asp

To apply for one of these travel grants: 1) Send a message requesting this support, indicating the institution and degree program in which you are enrolled, and include the abstract of your presentation or other statement of purpose for attending this meeting. 2) Ask you advisor to send a message confirming your U.S. student status and endorsing your application for support. Both messages should be sent by February 10 to David J. Bottjer, at dbottjer@earth.usc.edu Late applications will be considered if funds are still available, following consideration of applications received by this date. This information also appears on the Society's website, at: http://www.paleosoc.org

The Paleontological Society, which applied for the funds, will administer these NSF travel grants. However, they are not limited to members of the Society. All eligible applicants will receive equal consideration. Eligibility for these grants is limited to "U.S. persons", that is U.S. citizens and permanent residents.
-- Roger D. K. Thomas
John Williamson Nevin Professor of Geosciences
Chair, Program on Science, Technology and Society
Secretary, The Paleontological Society

Department of Earth and Environment
Franklin & Marshall College
Pennsylvania 17604-3003

FAX: 717-291-4186
Office telephone: 717-291-4135
Home telephone: 717-560-0486
http://www.fandm.edu/Departments/Geosciences/facultyandstaff/r_thomas/ index.html