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RE: The (long) future of paleontology

Funding for all aspects of geological research will
decline as oil exploration declines, and company work
on innovative methods like seismic and remote sensing
will disappear.  Gather your grants while ye may.....

As to leaving fossils in the ground, many years ago,
my paleo professor talked about extracting bone
collagens from La Brea tarpit Smilodons.  Try that
with radar.

Glen Ledingham


--- Ken.Carpenter@dmns.org wrote:

> But museums have always had to sell themselves.
> Barnum Brown was funded by Sinclair oil, Scott was
> funded by oil as well, etc. I think you are just
> becoming more aware so think it is new. It isn't.
> There are just new methods that are more blantant.
> But even space has been commercialized too.