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RE: The (long) future of paleontology

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>> So why should a university care how long it takes a student to
>> IMHO, the university's impetus is a financial one.  If a student has
>> finished his/her course work, and is writing the thesis and is
signing up
>> for only a couple "thesis/dissertation" credits per quarter, then
>> is paying the university only a small amount of money.

>Yes, in the USA, where _the student_ _directly_ _pays_ _the
>I'll say no more, for fear of starting a deeply political discussion.

    I was recently informed that here in Australia (where PhD student
fees are paid for by the State) the university doesn't receive payment
for the student until _after_ the student has finished. Hence
scholarships and other such funding are set up to try to limit a student
to three years (I believe seven years is the _absolute_ limit). I was
somewhat annoyed to discover this, as I was rather hoping to have more
time available - I've got a whole family to revise, with at least thirty
and probably many more species... sasu ga invertebrates...



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