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Fw: Book List on Paleontology from China (New)

This bit of crass commercialism appeared (unsolicited) in my inbox.  I
was about to delete it when I noticed a passel of newish (2005) books and
papers on Chinese dinosaurs and the Mesozoic flora and fauna of China.  I
removed all off-topic book titles.  I present these titles for
information purposes only.  I can't vouch for the vendor, so caveat
emptor.  You might be able to obtain these books from a different vendor.

NOTE: most of these books are written in Chinese.


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New publications on Paleontology  from China.

Mass Extinction and Recovery-Evidence from Paleozoic and Triassic of
South China (2 volume set)
In Chinese with English summary
By Rong Jiayu etc
Published in 2004
Page: 1132 pages
Price: US$98

This is a mongrphy to discuss mass extinctionand recoveryin prehistory.
It is edited by 39 specialists in this field.

The Dinosaur eggs fossils in Nanyang, China
In Chinese and English illustration
By Zhou Shiquan
Published in 2005
Size: 215x305mm,hardback
Page: 100 pages+40plates
Price: US$55.00

1 Survey
2 Retrospection and evolvement of research on dinosaur eggs fossils
3 The distributing and stratum of dinosaur eggs fossils
4 Structural of basin with dinosaur eggs and its evolving characteristic
5 Classification of dinosaur eggs fossils and their composition
6 Ancient ecological characteristic of dinosaur eggs fossils
7 Meaning of combination types of dinosaur eggs fossils and other strata
8 Division of Chalk¡¯ s boundary
9 Ancient climate in late Cretaceous
10 Extinction of dinosaur pack and boundaries and events
11 Protection of dinosaur eggs fossils
12.Picture Information and Plate Illuminate
14.Main References

Dinosaur of Sichuan
In Chinese
By Zhou Shiwu
Published in 1996
Page: 89 pages+6 color photos
Size: 130x185mm,paperback
Price: US$18

Annals of the Dinosaur Fossils from Zigong
In Chinese
By Yun Lin
Published in 1993
Page: 219 pages+64 plates
Size: 130x185mm,paperback
Price: US$25

A chronicle of events;
Chapter I Burial;
Chapter II Collections;
Chapter III Specimens;
Chapter IV Conservation;
Chapter V Exhibitions;
Chapter VI Exhibitions abroad;
Chapter VII Scientific researches;
Chapter VIII Zigong Dinosaur Museum the whole course of the compilation
of the book;

Dinosaur Footprints from Mesozoic of Sichuan Basin
In Chinese
By Yang Xinglong and Yang Daihuan
Published in 1987
Price: US$22

This paper describes about 200 dinosaur footprint fossils discovered from
upper triassic strata at the 7 sites in sichuan basin ,sets up 9 new
and 11 new species on the other hand we makes a investigation about the
lift habit the way of motions and the body structures of the dinosaur
moreover we also brifly introduce the history of the study of dinosaur
footprints in China ,the process of the discovery of the footprint in
sichuan basin from 1981-1986 and stratigraphical distribution of dinosaur
footprint fossils of the mesozic era

Geologic Tripping Guidebook to Zigong Dinosaur and the Karst landscape in
South Sichuan
In Chinese and English bilingual
By Chen Maoxun
Published in 1991
Size: 140x210mm,paperback
Page: 88 pages+8 plates
Price: US$35

This book has introduced the geologic investigation route for the 30th
International Geology Conference which will be hele in China. South
Sichuan, an important geologic scenic area in Sichuan Province, includes
a group of caves of dinosaur fossils in Zigong which has extremely high
investigation value, and the grand karst landscape and a number of
worthwhile natural or artificial scenery as well. The planned route
starts from Chengdu, through Zigong,
Yibin,Junlian,Gongxian,Xingwen,Changning and other citi- es or
counties,and returns to Chengdu.The main investiga- tive contents are the
dinosaur fossils of Dashanpu (Zigong), the history of ancient salt
industry development and the karst landform at Junlian and Xingwen. In
addition,the planned scenic spots include Zigong City, Yibin City, the
Hanging Coffins of the Bo Nationality in Gongxian, the ¡°Immense Bamboo
Forest¡±in southern Sichuan, etc. This book has introduced the
development and study history ,the formation, the geologic and
physiographic survey and characteristics of the above-mentioned
landscapes ,and has given in detail the investigative route ,time ,board
and lodging places .This Chinese-English bilingual guidebook is easy to
understand with excellent pictures and composi- tions. Therefore, it is
suitable not only for geologists from home and aboard, but also for
geoscience amateurs ,and universities or high school students

Studies On Ecological Environment of Guanling Biota
In Chinese
By Wang Shangyan
Published in 2005
Size: 185x260mm,paperback
Page: 78 pages+14 plates
Price: US$25.00

Chapter 1 Overview
Chapter 2 Regional Geology Background
Chapter 3 Fossil Assemblage
Chapter 4 Environment of Guanling Biota
Chapter 5 Environment Significance of Geochemical Elements
Chapter 6 Environment Significance of Carbon and Oxygen Isotope
Chapter 7 Environment Evolution of Guanling Biota
Appendix 1 Data of Geochemical Elements Rock, Ration of Part Elements and
Standard Data of REE and Chondrite Elements
Appendix 2 Section Describe of First Section of Xiaowa Formation of Upper
Triassic in Bamaoling village, Guanling, Guizhou
Plates and its explanatory

Lythraipolles (Fossil) and Its Evolution

In Chinese with English summary
By Zhou Shanfu, Zhao Xiaohua & Bao Dexian
Published in 2005
Size: 185x260mm,hardback
Page: 102 pages+10 plates
Price: US$18.00

The ¡°Huaian Formation¡± in the basin of the Northern Jiangsu is a series
of terrestrial sediments.The Lythraipolles appeared and adapted itself to
environment in the original cycle and the early the middle development
cycle. During the late development cycle and the prosperous cycle, the
Lythraipolles evolved towards specialization. The specialization produced
many species of specialization. Specialization is highly adapted to
narrow biological environment. A slightly change of environment forced
these species of specialization to die. During the early senesecence
cycle. Rare species 
such as the Lythraitas dilutus, L. triangulates and L. giganteus became
relict species. These relict species grew in the later age. For example,
the Lythraites giganteus appeared at the Furao, Helongjiang, during
Maestrichtian.In this paper, 2 new genea, 1 genus of emendation and 47
species are described in the text in Chinese, among 2 new genera
(Huaianipollis gen. nov. and Triphyllopollis gen. nov.), 1 genus of
emendation [Lythraites(Yu, Guo et Mao, 1983) emend.] and 38 new species
are described in English.

The Angiospermous Fossil Wood Flora in Wuhan, China
In Chinese
By Qi Guofan
Published in 2005
Size: 185*260mm,paperback
Page: 123 pages+35 plats
Price: US$30.00

This book describes 12 families, 13 genus, 20 species. Among having
angiosperm 9 families,9 genus, 15 species, gymnosperm 3 families, 4
5 species.This book brings together almost twenty years of active
interest and research of the authors in the angiospermous fossil wood
flora discovered 
in Wuhan. In this fossil wood flora, there are some typical tropic plants
which indicates a hot and humid climate at the time in area, such as
Ormosia pinnta Merr., Bishofia javanica Bl., and Acrocarpus fraxinifolius
Arn.ex Wight.

Micropalaeontology of the Qiangtang Basin
In Chinese with English summary
By Sha Jingeng
Published in 2005
Size: 190x270mm,hardback
Page: 292 pages+53 plates
Pirce: US$45

Chapter 1 Algae
Section 1 Jurassic Charophytes from Haixi, Hoh Xil
Section 2 Some Cenozoic Charophytes from Amdo
Section 3Middle to Early Late Eocene Charophytes Flora from Baingion
Section 4 Middle to Late Jurassic Marine Dinoflagellates from Haixi

Chapter 2 Pollen and Spores
Section 1 Late Triassic Palynological Assemblage from Shuanghu
Section 2 Middle Jurassic Palynological Assemblage from Amdo
Section 3 Late Jurassic Palynological Assemblage from Baingoin
Section 4 Early Cretaceous Palynoligical Assemblage from Baingoin
Section 5 Tertiary Palynological from Amdo

Chapter 3 protozoans
Section 1 Jurassic Foraminifers from Amdo
Section 2 Late Cretaceous Radiolarians from Xigaze

Chapter 4 Ostracods
Section 1 Jurassic Ostracods from Haixi and Other Regions
Section 2 Ostracods of the ¡°Shuanghu Formation ¡°from Amdo

Chapter 5 Conodonts
Section 1 Early Triassic Conodonts from Nyima
Section 2 Triassic Conodonts Across the base and Top of the Middle
Triassic Series from Nyalam

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