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Re: A new twist on Cope's law

> In the case of this study, yes, I agree.

Sorry -- I didn't mean anything else.

> I'm sure there several deviations from the norm, which isn't at all
> surprising.  I'm just going by the general trend explained in:
> Hone, D. W. E., T. M. Keesey, D. Pisani, and A. Purvis.  2005.
> Macroevolutionary trends in the Dinosauria: Cope's rule.  Journal of
> Evolutionary Biology 18: 587-whateverthelastpagenumberwas.

Their method is far too simple. They act as if the old ones were the direct
ancestors of the young ones, among other things. This way they can't
distinguish the effects of time and phylogeny. Naturally I'll do much better
in my M. Sc. thesis... I hope :-)

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