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Wyoming museum defends custody of fossil

THERMOPOLIS - A plan to bring a rare, scientifically valuable dinosaur
fossil to a private collection in Thermopolis has become the focus of
debate among some scientists concerned about researchers' access to the

The Wyoming Dinosaur Center, a privately owned collection and exhibition
hall in Thermopolis, has negotiated a permanent loan of one of only 10
existing archaeopteryx fossils. 

About the size of a magpie, the feathered archaeopteryx lived about 150
million years ago during the Jurassic period. It is a key species in
showing the link between dinosaurs and birds, their evolutionary

The archaeopteryx bound for Thermopolis is perhaps the best specimen yet
found, and according to a recent article in the prestigious journal
Science, some researchers are concerned that it is headed for an
obscure, private collection. 

Rest of story:

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