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RE: Sauropod ONP

> Probably like most 
> others, I have lots of questions and  potential
> issues about how ONP potentially 
> relates to sauropod feeding and ecology,

One thought that seems obvious, but I'm not sure if it has been
mentioned (unless it was what Greg Paul was saying) - resting position
and feeding position of the neck were not necessarily identical. In
cattle the neck is generally held more or less in line with the back
when not doing anything, but is significantly lowered when feeding. To
move into speculation, maybe sauropods raised their heads to feed, but
lowered them at other times to allow the blood to recirculate back. It
was pointed out recently in the underwater sauropods thread that a
sauropod's brain oxygen requirements were probably less than a mammal's,
so perhaps they were more able to withstand temporary reduction in
circulatory efficiency. To really push the speculation, perhaps the
enlarged nasal passages of many sauropods allowed greater diffusion of
oxygen straight from the air to the brain without having to go via the
lungs. The main issue I can see with this idea is that it probably
required them to keep dipping their heads up and down...

    Spoken from the viewpoint of total ignorance,

        Christopher Taylor

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