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Osteological Neutral Pose (n) A geometrically-defined neutral state of deflection, esp. for intervertebral articulations. A neck (or trunk) in ONP would exhibit the characteristic curve along the axial skeleton due to the osteology, and define the zero state for flexion (e.g. dorsiflexion would be positive, ventriflexion negative relative to that zero point). The degree to which ONP approximates the habitual rest pose of a vertebrae is not yet clear for extant, let alone extinct, vertebrates, but ONP appears to correspond to the alert-yet-inactive posture for the vast majority of vertebrates. It works for chickens, horses, giraffes, and many others. Note that claims to the contrary need to be supported by carefully establishing the ONP for a given taxon's vertebral column, then comparing its intrinsic curvature to the curve assumed by the vertebral column when the behaving animal is in an apparently alert, resting pose (which might require a bit of radiography). Please see discussions in the publications (especially the two sauropod book chapters) on my website for geometric details.




On Jan 19, 2006, at 12:03 PM, Jean-Michel Benoit wrote:

Hello, honored fellow listmembers
I must apologize if it's been explained before, but I've lost the first post
about ONP and, as the archives keep no readable trace of it (message
truncature stuff), I wonder what it means..