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Great Dino Exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Exhibition shows up paleontological treasure to Brazil

At the Oca Pavilion in the Ibirapuera Park Complex, Sao Paulo, Brazil,
400 paleontological pieces (including original fossils, replicas and
restorings) are going to be exhibited to the public. The exhibition
starts on next January 26th.

The pieces come from many institutions. One of them is the Project
Exploration, from Chicago, and directed by Paul C. Sereno, with
"African Giants" and "Origins" series. There will be, of course,
Brazilian institute collection pieces too, besides Argentinian
dinosaur remains.

Where: Oca Pavilian, Ibirapuera Park, Sao Paulo (Av. Pedro Alvares
Cabral, not numbered. Phone: 55-11-4003-2245)
When: Thue-Sun: 9:00 to 21:00. Starts on Jan 26; ends on Apr 30.
How much: R$ 20 (less then U$ 10). Free parking lot.