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Re: teratorn relationships

I'm not sure about a consensus on teratorn relationships, but it is worth mentioning that cathartids themselves are regularly placed with storks at this point, so those two phylogenetic hypotheses are somewhat congruent.

Pelecaniformes is probably highly paraphyletic (or even polyphyletic) so there's no telling there.

--Mike Habib

On Saturday, January 21, 2006, at 08:56 AM, Brian Lauret wrote:

Hi all

as we probably all know, teratorns have traditionally been linked to cathartids. In recent years,however this is far from universally accepted.

For example, I seem to remember Feduccia mentioning in 'The Origin and Evolution of Birds' that there were reasons to link teratorns to pelecaniforms or storks. Of course, Feduccia did not mention what reasons those were (as far as I remember.)

So my question is: has any consensus been reached or persuasive theory been made as to what birds teratorns were most closely related to?

P.S. I've seen a height-estimate of 2 meters for Argentavis. Is that realistic?

thanks in advance,