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RE: Hone et al. (2005) on dinosaur body size evolution

> >fig. 1: *Patagonykus* is shown as Kimmeridgian or earlier.
> >IIRC it's as young as *Alvarezsaurus*.
> Nope.  Patagonykus is Coniacian, while Alvarezsaurus is Santonian.

Ah, so *P.* is some 3 Ma older. :-)

> Except that the Liliensternus liliensterni syntypes are also subadults.


BTW, *Masiakasaurus* and *Avimimus* aren't adult either, though the latter 
seems to have _some_ fused neurocentral sutures.

> >fig. 4:
> >What is the circle in the Triassic theropod(?) polygon?
> >Circles are supposed to be reserved for eumaniraptorans...
> Protoavis?

Oh! Could be.

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