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Re: Sky Monsters - Nat. Geo. channel

Yes, I had to miss the show as well, as I do not get the NGC.  I am assuming 
the show will be otherwise available either as a video release, or perhaps via 
bribing friends to tape it for me.  Does anyone (especially those DML members 
involved in the show) happen to know if/when it might be released outside the 


--Mike Habib

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From: david peters <davidrpeters@earthlink.net>
Date: Monday, January 23, 2006 10:14 am
Subject: Sky Monsters - Nat. Geo. channel

> I missed the Sky Monsters debut on National Geographic Channel, 
> but it will be replayed next Sunday and the Wednesday after. The 
> short preview on the website: 
> http://cgi.nationalgeographic.com/channel/video/cgi-
> bin/NGPortal.pl?bitrate=400k
> showed nothing but animation, so my question is: does the Stanford 
> project pterosaur take flight on this show?
> Also, I wonder why the preview stated that "we don't have a clue 
> about how they evolved." To my knowledge, we've known that for 5 
> years. Or if you want to go the archosaur route, why not show 
> Scleromochlus? That's been a favorite for decades.
> I hope the tech advisors weren't slacking.
> David Peters
> St. Louis