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New dinosaurs aplenty, and old ones, too, in JVP 25(4)


Just got my JVP 25(4) in the mail, and haven't even had time to read it yet. 
But there's a lot of interest here. Particularly:
Barrett, P.M., P. Upchurch & Wang X.-L. 2005. Cranial osteology of 
_Lufengosaurus huenei Young (Dinosauria: Prosauropoda) from the
Lower Jurassic of Yunnan, People's Republic of China. JVP 25:806-822.

Barrett, P.M., R.J. Butler & F. Knoll. 2005. Small-bodied ornithischian 
dinosaurs from the Middle Jurassic of Sichuan, China.

[breaks 'Yandusaurus' multidens out of Yandusaurus, and gives it the name 
Hexinlusaurus (He Xin-Lu's reptile). Hexinlusaurus and
Agilisaurus are Genasauria i.s., Xiasaurus is simply Ornithischia i.s.]

Carrano, M.T., J.R. Hutchinson & S.D. Sampson. 2005. New information on 
_Segisaurus halli_< a small theropod dinosaur from the Early
Jurassic of Arizona. JVP 25:835-849.

[It's a coelophysoid. And it has a furcula.]

Allain, R. 2005. The postcranial anatomy of the megalosaur _Dubreuillosaurus 
valesdunesnsis_ (Dinosauria Theropoda) from the Middle
Jurassic of France. JVP 25:850-858.

[The critter formerly called "_Poekilopleuron" valesdunesnsis_. Name has 
changed since review! Named after its discoverers, the
family Drubreuil.]

Franzosa, J. & T. Rowe. 2005. Cranial endocast of the Cretaceous theropod 
dinosaur _Acrocanthosaurus atokensis_. JVP 25:859-864.

Smith, J.B. 2005. Heterodonty in _Tyrannosaurus rex_: implications for the 
taxonomic and systematic utility of theropod dentition.
JVP 25:865-887.

[Part of Josh's Ph.D. dissertation, updated. Protocols and methodologies for 
theropod tooth morphometrics.]

dal Sasso, C., S. Maganuco, E. Buffetaut & M.A. Mendez. 2005. New information 
on the skull of  the enigmatic theropod _Spinosaurus_,
with remarks on its sizes and affinities. JVP 25:888-896.

[The rostral part of a _Spinosaurus_ snout, 988 mm in front of the antorbital 
fenestra...  Estimated skull size for this individual
is ~175 cm. Scaling from _Suchomimus_, it suggests a 16-18 m long animal.]

Zanno, L.E. & S.D. Sampson. 2005. A new oviraptorosaur (Theropoda, Maniraptora) 
from the Late Cretaceous (Campanian) of Utah. JVP

[_Hagryphus giganteus_, after Ha (Egyptian God of the western desert) and 
gryphon. Known from hands and feet (incomplete) from the
Kapairowits Fm.. 30-40% bigger than _Chirostenotes_

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