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Fw: Paleontology Cooking (Call for stories)

Respond to ReBecca Hunt

or to JP Cavigelli

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From: ReBecca Hunt <paleochick@gmail.com>

ReBecca Hunt and myself have been emailing back and forth
all morning.  We've decided to take this one step beyond.  We
would like to put together a small book based on our collective
experiences as paleontologists who do indeed eat food,
especially in the field.

We are tentatively calling it "Eating like a Paleontologist" and
would like to make it a collection of good to great eateries and
tales associalted with field sites.  Maybe even truly some
crappy eateries.  We would like to include stories from all sorts
of paleontologists, including invert and plant guys.  (I have yet
to figure out how to reach all of them... anyone know?).

So we are putting out a request for recommendations.  We are
not only looking for restaurants, but also interesting (read:
funny, heart-warming, soul-searching, sad and/or pathetic,
etc.) tales of field food.  If a restuarant no longer exists, that's
OK, too.  Or good places to have a beer on shower day.
Basically any tale that combines paleontology and eating.
Photos are also welcome.  Historical tales as well.
International tales especially.  Places you might go to and
actually run into someone you know, or meet someone you
don't know but recognize from SVP or other meetings.  Some
creative field recipes.  We are not so much interested in
Chicago's best pizza joint (Giordano's), since Chitown is not
really associated with field work.  Besides that book already
exists a thousand times.

Our goal is to have at least a prototype available by SVP, and
make it something that could be available to the general public

Having said all that, we are officially putting out a call to our
colleagues for stories that fit (more or less) the above criteria.
Also, let us know if you want your name tacked to your
donation, or if you'd rather remain annonymous.

I've only ever heard of the little fancy restaurant in Marmouth,
ND, f'rinstance, so I hope someone has actually experienced

Rather then innudate the list, send your ideas to me or


Thanks, folks

JP Cavigelli
Tate Museum

ReBecca Hunt
Paleontology Research Assistant
Department of Geosciences
Augustana College
Rock Island, IL
work: 309-794-7844