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TV Show "Surface" - this post is only slightly off-topic

Last night on NBC's "Surface", a genetic engineer (female) spoke to the female lead of the show.

She (the engineer) described how she got her job - during the job interview, the company man asked if she'd heard of Dolly, the cloned sheep, then went on to say that they had cloned their own sheep back in the sixties (1960's), along with chimps and orangs.

Then he said, "Of course, there's our _Archaeopteryx_ clone". Whereupon, the engineer sputtered and said, "But they're extinct". The company guy pressed a button and section of wall opened to reveal a LIVE _Archaeopteryx_ behind a pane of glass. It jumped around and made some noises, but it didn't look very convincing to me.

I'll rerun the recording later to see if it looks any better tonight :-)

Allan Edels