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Re: Thoracosaurus (crocodiliform [?]) unveiled at Drexel University on Thursday

hello latino-greek fluent listmembers
how come that "Thoracosaurus
neocesariensis", translates to "New Jersey crocodile"
I don't see any clew in the name, apart from Saurus (saurian, reptile),
Neo(new) and Cesar or which I have no idea it comes from (No roman emperor
in NJ...)..

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Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2006 6:26 PM
Subject: Thoracosaurus (crocodiliform [?]) unveiled at Drexel University on

> A friend from Drexel Univ. (Phila. PA, USA) sent me this:
> =============================================================
> Dr. Kenneth Lacovara, professor of bioscience and biotechnology, will
> a
> 15-foot-long, 65-million-year-old crocodile fossil on Thursday, January
> 2006
> at 10 a.m. in the [Drexel University] Stratton Hall lobby (32nd and
> Streets).
> The crocodile fossil was excavated in southern New Jersey and mounted by
> Field Methods in Paleoecology class. The extinct species, Thoracosaurus
> neocesariensis, which translates to "New Jersey crocodile," was a
> and
> lived in a mangrove swamp during the Cretaceous Period. Discovered by Dr.
> William Gallagher, a paleontologist at the New Jersey State Museum, the
> fossil
> is among the best-preserved specimens of its kind in the world, Dr.
> said.
> Dr. Lacovara's students collected 30 vertebrae, 31 teeth, parts of the
> skull,
> jaw and ribs and other fossils called scutes, which are armor plates that
> lined
> the reptile's back. At 15 feet long, the specimen is about one-third the
> size of
> the largest creatures in the species.
> The fossil will remain on campus for about a year before being displayed
> the
> New Jersey State Museum.
> The event is open to students, faculty and staff. For more information,
> contact
> Dr. Lacovara at 215-895-6456 or kenneth.j.lacovara@drexel.edu.
> =========================================================
> Allan Edels