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Re: Thoracosaurus (crocodiliform [?]) unveiled at Drexel University on Thursday

Quoting Jean-Michel Benoit <s.aegyptiacus@wanadoo.fr>:

hello latino-greek fluent listmembers
how come that "Thoracosaurus
neocesariensis", translates to "New Jersey crocodile"
I don't see any clew in the name, apart from Saurus (saurian, reptile),
Neo(new) and Cesar or which I have no idea it comes from (No roman emperor
in NJ...)..

I see Jaime's already covered the "neocesariensis" part. The translation of "thoracosaurus" as "crocodile" is just a mistake. It means "chest lizard" or "breastplate lizard".

Nick Pharris
Department of Linguistics
University of Michigan