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Re: TV Show "Surface" - this post is only slightly off-topic

On Tue, 24 Jan 2006 12:52:12 -0500, Allan Edels wrote
> Last night on NBC's "Surface", a genetic engineer (female) spoke to 
> the female lead of the show.
> She (the engineer) described how she got her job - during the job 
> interview, the company man asked if she'd heard of Dolly, the cloned 
> sheep, then went on to say that they had cloned their own sheep back 
> in the sixties (1960's), along with chimps and orangs.
> Then he said, "Of course, there's our _Archaeopteryx_ clone".  
> Whereupon, the engineer sputtered and said, "But they're extinct". 
>  The company guy pressed a button and section of wall opened to 
> reveal a LIVE _Archaeopteryx_ behind a pane of glass.  It jumped 
> around and made some noises, but it didn't look very convincing to me.
> I'll rerun the recording later to see if it looks any better tonight 

Keep in mind this is the same series where they identified a tissue sample as 
being related to Liopleurodon based on its DNA... as if anyone has any 
Liopleurodon DNA to compare it to!


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