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Re: "Cleaning up the Burke Museum"

Pretty sad....it will just be very interesting to see whether they send the National Guard after "Prof" Rensberger and prosecute him with the zeal that academics want the authorities to prosecute illegal private collectors with. If I understand the article properly, this man committed (at least) one felony by trading material from a national park, but he also illegally collected material on his digs in Wyoming,.....getting permits for about only 5% of them.

I wonder how long it will be before he is arrested???? This should be very interesting

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It is with sadness but relief that I can report that the University of Washington has finally dealt with the long rumored improprieties involving the Vertebrate Paleontology collection at the University of Washington. I first alerted the University of perceived problems in 1989, but better late than never, although the personal cost along the way was high. The website with the report on the collection and a news article can be found at:


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