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Re: Sky Monsters - Nat. Geo. channel

Renato Santos> wrote:

<<As usual I did a bit of research after writing this mail to make sure
I wasn't making a fool of myself (if I am not already) and found
something odd about Preondactylus: The wingspan is stated as 1,5 m but
the weight is put at 10 kg, and my working knowledge of flying
creatures, birds mainly, tells me the animal should weigh at least 6
or 8 times less.>>

As you did a bit of research, surely you read

DALLA VECCHIA F.M., 1998 - New observations on the osteology and taxonomic
status of Preondactylus buffarinii WILD, 1984 (Reptilia, Pterosauria).
Boll. Soc. Paleont. It., 36(3, 1997): 355- 366, Modena.

DALLA VECCHIA F.M., 2003 - New morphological observations on Triassic
pterosaurs. In: BUFFETAUT E. & MAZIN J.-M. (eds), Evolution and
Palaeobiology of Pterosaurs, Geological Society, London, Special
Publications, 217: 23-44, London.

DALLA VECCHIA F.M., 2004 - A review of the Triassic pterosaur record. Riv.
Mus. Civ. Sci. Nat. ?E. Caffi?, 22: 13-29, Bergamo.


Thus you should have realized that the supposed large specimen of
Preondactylus, actually just three wing phalanges, cannot be unambiguously
attributed to that genus, whatever the weight invented for it by some
brilliant guys of the web.
I apologize for the shameless self-promotion.


Fabio M. Dalla Vecchia