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Re: Tyrannosaurs and Hyenas

Andrew Simpson wrote:

Well, I'm not tired of discussing. IN fact I've written a script called T-Rex: Ravager or Scavenger
that PROOVES, yes prooves, that T-Rex was not exclusivly a scavenger.

Proof!? Wow, I'm impressed!

Even vultures will kill if they have to. Saw this with my own eyes once.

I don't doubt you, but this depends on the species of vulture in question. For example, in the U.S. the turkey vulture (_Cathartes aura_) rarely (if ever) attacks live prey, but the black vulture (_Coragyps atratus_) frequently attacks live prey - including livestock (usually sick or newborn individuals).

None of his arguments stand up to scrutiny. I too
respect the man but I think this argument does a bit
of a disservice.

I agree entirely. There's an abundance of good biomechanical studies that support the hypothesis that _Tyrannosaurus_ was a predator. The fact that there is a hadrosaur vertebra that's been chomped on by a tyrannosaur, and then healed, certainly helps the case.